Honda Car Price in Sri Lanka -
Honda Car Price in Sri Lanka
Honda Car Price in Sri Lanka

Honda Car Price in Sri Lanka

Find the best Honda Car for sale in Sri Lanka 2021.


Honda unregistered brand new prices

(බ්‍රෑන්ඩ් නිව් මිල)


Honda vehicle price list in Sri Lanka


Honda SUV

  • Honda Vezel RS 2020 Price LKR 11,000,000/- Upwards. (කෝටි 1.1)
  • Honda CR-V 2019 Price LKR 16,500,000/- Upwards. (කෝටි 1.6)


Honda Cars

  • Honda Civic 2020 Price LKR 11,000,000/- Upwards. (කෝටි 1.1)
  • Honda Accord 2019 Price LKR 18,000,000/- Upwards. (කෝටි 1.8)
  • Honda Insight 2018 Price LKR 11,000,000/- Upwards. (කෝටි 1.1)
  • Honda Grace 2019 Price LKR 9,200,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 92)
  • Honda S660 2016 Price LKR 4,000,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 40)


Honda Mini Vans

  • Honda N-Box 2018 Price LKR 5,500,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 55)
  • Honda N-WGN 2018 Price LKR 5,000,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 50)


Honda used car price in Sri Lanka

(සෙකන්ඩ් හෑන්ඩ් මිල)


  • Honda Vezel RS 2017 Price Rs. 7.5 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 75)
  • Honda CR-V 2018 Price Rs. 12 million Upwards. (කෝටි 1.2)
  • Honda Fit GP5 2018 Price Rs. 6.5 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 65)
  • Honda Civic 2018 Price Rs. 75 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 75)
  • Honda Insight 2017 Price Rs. 75 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 75)
  • Honda Grace 2017 Price Rs. 70 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 75)
  • Honda N-Box 2017 Price Rs. 4.5 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 45)
  • Honda N-WGN 2017 Price Rs. 4 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 40)

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Honda Car Review in Sri Lanka


Honda is a reputed Japanese automobile brand name in Sri Lanka. Also, Honda has the reputation of manufacturing reliable premium cars in all segments of hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs.


  • Hatchbacks – Honda Civic, Honda Fit Hybrid, Honda Insight Hybrid.
  • Sedan – Honda Civic, Honda Grace, Honda Accord. 
  • SUV – Honda CR-V, Honda BR-V, Honda Vezel. 
  • Mini Vans – Honda N-Box, Honda N-WGN. 
  • Supercar – Honda NSX.


Honda cars have good performance and fuel efficiency because of the popular Honda engines and technology. At the same time, they come with unique attractive looks as well. The looks and performance both play a vital role in Honda cars becoming more popular in Sri Lanka.


Stafford Motor Company is the Authorized Dealer for the Honda vehicle brand in Sri Lanka.


Honda Sri Lanka
Tel: 011 760 7200

Honda Showroom Sri Lanka

Maradana Road,
Colombo 10.

However, you can find those Honda vehicle models from individual motor vehicle importers, dealers, and car sales across the country.


Authorized dealer prices may vary from the third-party dealer’s prices. Also, all vehicle models show the average price in the market.


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