Honda Scooter Price in Sri Lanka -
Honda Scooter Price in Sri Lanka
Honda Scooter Price in Sri Lanka

Honda Scooter Price in Sri Lanka

Find the best Honda Scooter for sale in Sri Lanka 2022.


Honda Used Scooter Price in Sri Lanka
(සෙකන්ඩ් හෑන්ඩ් මිල)

  • Honda NAVI 2019 Price LKR 260,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 2.6)
  • Honda Activa 2019 Price LKR 300,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 3)
  • Honda Aviator 2019 Price LKR 350,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 3.5)
  • Honda Dio 2019 Price LKR 400,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 4)
  • Honda Dio DX (Deluxe) 2019 Price LKR 450,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 4.5)
  • Honda Grazia 125 2019 Price LKR 550,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 5.5)
  • Honda ADV 150 2019 Price LKR 1,200,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 12)
  • Honda PCX 125 2019 Price LKR 1,000,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 10)
  • Honda PCX 150 2019 Price LKR 1,400,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 14)

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Honda Scooter Review in Sri Lanka


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