Suzuki Car Price in Sri Lanka -
Suzuki Car Price in Sri Lanka
Suzuki Car Price in Sri Lanka

Suzuki Car Price in Sri Lanka

Find the new Suzuki car for sale in Sri Lanka 2021.


Suzuki Vehicles unregistered brand new prices.

(බ්‍රෑන්ඩ් නිව් මිල)


Suzuki Car price list in Sri Lanka

  • Suzuki Alto 2018 Price LKR 3,600,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 36)
  • Suzuki Japan Alto 2018 Price LKR 4,000,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 40)
  • Suzuki Celerio X 2019 Price LKR 5,000,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 50)
  • Suzuki Baleno 2019 Price LKR 6,500,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 65)
  • Suzuki Swift RS Turbo 2018 Price LKR 7,500,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 75)


Suzuki SUV price list in Sri Lanka

  • Suzuki S-Presso 2019 Price LKR 5,500,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 55)
  • Suzuki Vitara 2019 Price LKR 8,500,000/- Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 85)


Suzuki used car price in Sri Lanka

(සෙකන්ඩ් හෑන්ඩ් මිල)

  • Suzuki Alto 2017 Price Rs. 3 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 30)
  • Suzuki Japan Alto 2017 Price Rs. 3.5 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 35)
  • Suzuki Celerio 2017 Price Rs. 3.8 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 38)
  • Suzuki Baleno 2017 Price Rs. 5.5 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 55)
  • Suzuki Swift RS Turbo 2017 Rs. 5.8 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 58)
  • Suzuki Vitara 2018 Price Rs. 7.5 million Upwards. (ලක්ෂ 75)

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Suzuki Cars Review in Sri Lanka


Suzuki Motor Vehicle brand is well known in Sri Lanka as an affordable, reliable and fuel-efficient Japanese vehicle. Although the Indian manufactured Suzuki Alto is a low quality vehicle, it is one of the most popular budget cars in the country. Suzuki brand has the range of Sedans, Hatchbacks, Crossovers, SUV vehicle models and compared to other big Japanese car brands, Suzuki offers a reasonable price tag with dozens of additional features for their every model. Also, the Suzuki vehicles second hand reselling market is good in Sri Lanka and spare parts and maintenance costs relatively low.


This is why Suzuki Vehicle are popular in Sri Lanka.

  • Affordable price range.
  • Good fuel efficiency.
  • Good second-hand market value.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Genuine parts & accessories availability.
  • Repair & service availability.


AMW Motor Company is the authorized dealer for the Suzuki vehicles in Sri Lanka.

AMW Suzuki Sri Lanka
Tel: 011 760 9609

Suzuki Showroom Sri Lanka

Bauddhaloka Mawatha,
Colombo 08.

However, you can find those Suzuki car models from the individual motor vehicle importers, dealers and car sales across the country.


Authorized dealer prices may vary from the third party dealer’s prices. Also, all vehicle models show the average price in the market.


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