Electric Car Price in Sri Lanka
Electric Car Price in Sri Lanka
Electric Car Price in Sri Lanka

Electric Car Price in Sri Lanka

Electric Car Prices in Sri Lanka


Discover the New Electric Car Prices in Sri Lanka.


Electric Car Models:

  • Mahindra e2o Price LKR 1,700,000/
  • Mitsubishi Minicab MIEV 2017 Price LKR 2,300,000/-
  • Mahindra eKUV100 2020 Price LKR 3,500,000/-


  • Nissan Leaf Tekna 2019 Price LKR 6,600,000/-
  • Hyundai IONIQ Electric 2019 Price LKR 6,700,000/-
  • MG EZS Electric 2019 Price LKR 6,900,000/-
  • Hyundai Kona Electric 2019 Price LKR 7,000,000/-


  • BMW i3 2017 Price LKR 8,000,000/-
  • BMW i8 2019 Price LKR 24,000,000/-
  • Tesla Model S 2015 LKR 17,000,000/-
  • Tesla Model X 2017 Price LKR 38,000,000/-


Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles came to the fore with problems like environmental pollution, petroleum shortage. According to many economic and technical forecasts, fully electric vehicles will be popularized in the next 10 years. On the other hand, vehicles with fuel combuston engines would be just as fun as horses. It’s hard to imagine. But think when the smartphone concept came into the world in 2014, none of us thought it would be such a big impact on our lives. And Now some of the products and devices are outdated or vanished because of smartphones. We can belive the same thing happens to the vehicle industry soon. Also, at the moment we can see leading Japanese car manufactures such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, KIA entering the electric car manufacturing industry.   


You can find some Electric Car models from the Authorized dealers or third party motor vehicle dealers across the country. Also, note that Authorized dealer prices may vary from the third party dealer’s prices.




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