Sri Lanka Driving Licence Renewal
Sri Lanka Driving Licence Renewal

Sri Lanka Driving Licence Renewal

November 29, 2019

Sri Lanka Driving Licence Renewal


Renewal of validity of driving licence is not an easy task in Sri Lanka. Most of the time you have to spend the whole day for only this renewal process of the driving licence. Therefore, this video explains how to renew your current Driving Licence with the easiest and fastest way. If you follow these steps and the guide, I’m sure you can save a lot of time when you renew your Driving Licence at the Department of Motor Traffic Werahara office in Sri Lanka.



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Highlights points

  • If you’re in Colombo, you can get a medical report from National Transport Medical Institute (NTMI) in Nugegoda branch or Werahara branch.
  • If you have any vision problems make sure that you bring your spectacles.
  • Make sure that you have clear NIC or passport to prove your identity.
  • When you apply renewal it’s better if you could apply for same-day (One day) service.
  • Please go early if you want to finish all these quickly.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. youtube channel

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